Polyurea Roof and Polyurea Foundation Coating

ExpandoThane is used as a Polyurea Roof Coating, Polyurea WaterProofing and any areas needing a high build Polyurea Coating.

ExpandoThane is a VOC free Plural component Polyurea with micro blowing agents to create a hard skin polyurea that expands five to seven times its volume to span gaps and fill bug holes.

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ExpandoThane Polyurea Roof Coating is an aromatic which sprays a light grey color. When applying ExpandoThane Polyurea as a flat roof seamless system you can give your customer cost savings by leaving it this color and applying pea gravel over it or should he elect we have a single component Aliphatic Polyurea in White and other colors.

ExpandoThane Polyurea Roof Coating can be spray applied with our FastKick Gun Cartdrige series or in dual 55 gallon sets using a Hot High Pressure Plural component machine. You only need 1,500 PSI @ 150 degrees to spray ExpandoThane Polyurea Coating

ExpandoThane Polyurea Roof Coating when applied at 2 1/2 gallons per hundred square feet (40 wet mills) cures in seconds to leave you with a full 1/4" Polyura Membrane

ExpandoThane Polyurea may be applied as a secondary roof covering over Metal Roofs, Modified Bitumen Roofs, BUR, Concrete and Spray Urethane Foam. ExpandoThane also makes a great Polyurea membrane for foundation walls before back filling with dirt.

There are many Flat Roof systems on the market such as an Asphalt Built up Roof, EPDM Rubber Roof, TPO Heat Welded Single Ply, Hypalon Single ply Roof, PVC Single Ply Roof and Modified – Bitumen Roofs, Torch applied or mopped on.

The picture above shows a Modified Bitumen Roof. If you look closely you will see the main body of the roof looks in very good shape. The reason for it leaking and needing a roof coating on it is problems with the seams and flashing of roof protrusion areas. It is my opinion these are the number one reasons for Flat Roofs to fail prematurely.

To look at coating options we need to understand them. Water Base Coatings are generally in the range of 40 – 60% solids so we will use 50% solids as our point of figuring an application. A 100% Solids liquid non blowing material will yield 16 Dry mills per hundred square feet. So in the case of applying the said acrylic you would yield 8 dry mills per gallon per 100 square foot of roofing area. You cannot apply an acrylic such as this in one application because 50% of the coating (water) must leave the system. The top of an acrylic roof coating will usually start to occur first meaning the water leavening the coating will break the top surface creating pin holes again meaning a minimum of a two coat system is required. If you applied a total of two applications of 2 ½ gallons per hundred square foot of roof area you would have a dry total of 20 Dry Mills or 20 Thousands of an inch. Most Acrylic roof coatings can have as much as a 30 day cycle from dry to touch to cured. What this means is should water get to it before the 30 day cycle the physical properties of the roof coating can change. It is due to this change that you will see some systems fair a much better lifetime then others, the ability to meet true physical properties. Another problem that I have observed over the years is because of the easy nature to apply such Roof Coatings it can easily lend itself to a novice applying it rather than experienced roofers.

Polyurea Roof Coating in general seems to be growing in today’s professional roofing market. Polyurea Roof Coatings are generally acceptable as a one coat system as no solvent or water need to leave the system if they are 100% solids. Again the same equation is used, 100% solids times 16 dry mills per 100 square foot will leave 40 dry mills, twice the thickness as the Acrylic above. Polyurea Roof Coating is also usually considered more durable then acrylics as when associated with the Truck Bed Liner Industry. Your normal Polyurea Roof Coating dries in seconds though final cure usually takes 72 hours and water will not usually be a factor in that time due to it not starting out water soluble to begin with. The equipment to apply such a material is not inexpensive which leads itself to be more applied by knowledgeable people. I can very well assure you that you have not heard of many if any professional Truck Bed Liners failing. This of course is an association, they are professional truck bed lining people, and again you must look for a professional licensed insured roofing company for better chance of a Polyurea Roof Coating success.

ExpandoThane Polyurea Roof Coating breaks the 16 mill equation for Polyurea roof coating. With a preparatory expanding agent you receive 5 to 7 times the thickness while retaining all the physical properties of a Polyurea Elastomeric. This breaks down to .250 per 2 ½ gallons per 100 square foot or ¼” in a one step application. This ¼” means the ability to bridge gaps, create crickets to divert water flow. Create a ¼” seamless monolithic topping over your present roof covering and by being self flashing automatically creates an expansion joint type fully adhered membrane to your roof protrusions. With our preparatory chemistry we just brought you from 20 thousands of an inch to ¼” of a seamless rubber membrane. As with all systems make sure your roofer is licensed and insured.

Please check with your Tax Attorney as in many cases this is considered maintaining your present roof and can be considered for a 100% Tax deduction the first year versus having to write it off over a large amount of years, sometimes longer then the roof would last.